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#fb No "Ave Maria" at a school event?

Now I believe in the separation of church and state as much as the founding fathers, but isn't this inability to perform "Ave Maria" at a public school event going a bit too far?  And in my own state.  And it wasn't even the sung version.

If you think about it, a large percentage of classical choral works is in some way or another sacred-based because it was created for the catholic mass.  Can we no longer allow the high-school choral teacher to produce Mozart's requiem?  Faure's Requiem?  Verdi's Requiem?  Do high-school kids no longer get to experience great music because it was originally intended for a religious service?  The intent on performing it today is not to foist the meaning of the music (the mass) upon those listening, but rather to have them experience great music. I know I performed classical sacred music in high-school and that was not long ago (a mere 25 years now :)).  It seems we've drawn the line too far.

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