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Semi-retired technology (originally) entreprenuer living in Seattle with my partner, Michael, and our three cats: Barnum, Bailey and Buster.  Currently mostly on hiatus from technology; exploring new things I couldn't when I worked full-time.  And...continuing my love of all goods baked. 

About this Website

Musings on things that interest me: the stock market, personal and enterprise technology, pop culture/entertainment as well as my family and other general observations in my daily life.  Also, this is the place to find out more about our charitable foundation and what non-profits we are currently supporting.

The Family
Twitter Updates

Posts on general observations in life, with my family and I might also write some pop culture/entertainment quips.  This is the closest thing I'll likely ever have to a journal.


Testing website posts to facebook via Twitter

You should expect nothing less from me that once I started going social I would go all out.  That I would use every tool available to efficiently bring together all aspects of my Web 2.0 involvement.  This is a test of sending excerpts and links to posts in the General Observations section of my website to my facebook wall.

For those that care I am using a Facebook app called Selective Tweets which allows any tweet ending in #fb to be posted to facebook.  Used in combination with twitterfeed, I can limit my automated facebook posts to only those from particular sections of my website.


Full website RSS feed available

In case you want a full RSS feed of all pages of my website, it is available now (of course you can still just subscribe to individual pages if you want or look at my twitter feed since all posts are transmitted there as well) . 

I needed a web service to accomplish this and wanted to make sure it was one that was going to be stable and stick around.  There are a number of services to combine RSS feeds into a single feed, but all of them seemed like they were just experiments that at any point could just disappear (Take FeedBlendr for example).  I did find that Yahoo had a service called Yahoo Pipes.  Certainly that would have been stable, but many people said it was difficult to use.  Then I found that Google allows you to combine feeds into a group if you use their Google Reader product.  Since I do use Google Reader to read all my RSS feeds, this seemed a no-brainer and it was super simple to use.  

In Google Reader you just put feeds you want to combine into a folder and then create a "bundle" from that folder which is publicly shared.  The only challenge I had is that the feed didn't seem to be standard RSS, but there was an Atom feed link so I used that since most readers understand RSS and Atom.  Voila!



Would you have guessed that these two cute guys are twins?  Yup!  Barnum and Buster are fraternal twin brothers.  They also happen to have the polydactyl physical anomoly which gives them 6 toes on their front feet (aka mitten feet).  This is the same anomoly seen in the so-called "Hemmingway cats".

Why do they look so different?  In case you didn't know, female cats can produce kittens from different fathers in the same litter.  I guess their mom was a bit of a floozy.


Test Twitterfeed.com

Making sure twitterfeed.com works.


This Website

Well, after months of talking about it and (over) thinking about what I would say if I had one, I have finally created this website.  But, not without starting help from Michael, who has one of the coolest personal websites I have ever seen (I know. I am biased).

Right now only a few of the sections are active and there is still quite a bit of tweaking to do.  But over next few weeks I will be adding more content to this page as well as starting my observations on the stock market, technology and politics.

A preview of some topics might find here in the near future:

  • 2 of our cats are twins.  Would you guess?
  • What are my policital leanings?  You might be a little surprised (just a little).
  • Political discussion of what has to be done on both sides of the political spectrum to balance the budget while continuing to lean somewhat socially liberal with programs.
  • Are the Senate filibuster rules screwed up?
  • Is the Sirius OutQ satellite radio channel really "abomination" radio?  Really?
  • In technology you might be interested that your iPod touch can do bluetooth if you have the right hardware.  And a discussion of bluetooth stereo headset options.  There aren't as many as you'd like.

Thank you in advance to anyone and everyone willing to spend some time looking through this site and I hope you come back for more.


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