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He's Baaaaaak...For a while anyway.

Dear friends,

It has been far too long.  October 6, 2010 to be exact.  You needn't worry though.   All's good.  Great in fact.  No, the reasons for my absence are entirely orthogonal to my happiness.  First off, petty jealousy :)  The whole magic of Facebook and Twitter success has been this grand scheme of making us believe that people actually care about what we say.  My initial foray into blogging/Facebook/Twitter was actually the opposite of that.  It seemed nobody cared what I had to say...at least that's what I thought judging from number of comments/responses I got to my posts.  So yes, I'll admit, my absence was due in part to a small pity-party I was having.  Some might call it a temper tantrum :)  So now I'm to the point where I've just decided to post and not worry about comments/responses, who's reading and who's not.  I know that if you're reading, you care ("They like me.  They really like me!").

More importantly, I've been gone simply due to a lack of time for my style of composition.  While I think that I'm a fairly adept writer, you cannot imagine the torment that is my putting thoughts to paper (these 2 meager paragraphs btw, I've been working on for at least an hour now...who does that?).  It must be my the engineer in me.  Every word, thought and sentence structure can be easily agonized over.  There's very little free flow of ideas in my world.  Every thought that comes out of my head must first be analyzed to perfection before it can even begin to be verbalized. I've always struggled with brainstorming because I just can't let go and simply throw ideas out without having first computed (in my head) all of the possible end results of my statement.  In the past months, I've had absolutely no time for that level commitment to posting here.   But I've got my head a little above water now, so you should start hearing more from me again.  It also doesn't hurt that starting to post again can help some of my new endeavors.   We'll see how long it lasts, hence the "For a while anyway" in the title.  If I start getting buried again you may see me scale back once more, but I'll try not to go quite so silent if it comes to that.

Look out over the next few posts where I'll catch you up on the last (lost?) 8 months, so in the end you'll feel like I was never absent.

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